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Origami Group RSS03-BRO 3-Tier Foldable Shoe Rack


  • Product Code: RSS03-BRO
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You can forget about those shoe pile heaps because it's time to keep your kicks in line with the Origami Group RSS03-BRO 3-Tier Foldable Shoe Rack.

Never again will you search your house, looking for your shoes. This easy to use shoe rack is perfect for storing all your shoes.

Not only is it great for organization, but it also features a modern and stylish design. With its strong metal frame and mesh construction, this shoe shelf will look great in your closet, in your bedroom, or by the front door.

Also, if you're crunched for space, you need not worry. This closet organizer easily folds when not in use, allowing you to create more space wherever it is in use.

Become a footwear aficionado with this dynamic shoe shelf. It will provide a little more order to your life.

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