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Bull Grill Griddle & Stainless Steel Charbroil Grill Grid Tray


  • Product Code: BOPA-24105 + BOPA-24117
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Cook up some seriously good breakfast, or any meal for that matter, right on your outdoor grill with the help of the Bull Outdoor Products Flat Top Grill Griddle.

You don't need a dedicated griddle when you can slap this one on top of your existing grill's cooking grate to fry up eggs, bacon, or pancakes. This griddle is constructed with heavy duty steel and features high sides and a front grease drain to prevent messy grease situations. It also features convenience carry handles so you can easily lift it on and off the grill when you stop and start cooking.

Breakfast on your patio or deck is even easier with the help of this stainless steel griddle from Bull.


Don't let any more zucchini slices slip through the cracks of the grill grate. Instead, with the Bull Stainless Steel Grid Tray, you can prepare and serve a variety of charbroiled meals without 1 getting away.

This tray doesn't just save your food from falling into the abyss of charcoal. This spare but essential part also allows you to grill various differently-sized food at the same time.

Better yet, this propane grill part eliminates the need to transfer food from grill to plate. Meanwhile, the stainless steel stands up to weather and time.

Stop losing precious food to the hoary netherworld beneath the grill grates. Get your food where it belongs: on this tray and in your belly with the Bull Grid.

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