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About Us

Over the past several years, LABIX has been expanding its presence in the core business due to additional coverage and movement into the new sales markets. More recently, the company began its deliberate entry into the global market with a goal to expand its capabilities and significantly increase the volume of supply. Such an advanced move allowed us to achieve significant efficiencies in the control of all processes associated with the delivery of goods from the producer to consumer.

The branch office of LABIX in the Florida is primarily focused on the expansion to the new sales markets located in the USA, UK, Canada, and Mexico. The United States has effectively demonstrated itself to be a comfortable business platform that allows not only to ensure complete transparency of all trade operations, but also to become a convenient "geographical bridge" between United Kingdom and the United States. To date, a significant interest in the company's products has been observed from the new clients, that have emerged as a result of us entering into the international arena. The plans of LABIX have already marked new targets for increased sales volume, expansion of the assortment and discovery of the most optimal formats of collaboration with new partners. LABIX is the stability and reliability of a serious partner who is competent in operating to international standards.